Dr. Jeff Chang 

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Formal Assessment Competence and Respecialization

In the course of over thirty-three years as a Registered Psychologist, I have acquired competence in psychoeducational assessment, the assessment of parenting capacity and parenting time and responsibility, and the assessment of the risk of committing interpersonal violence. I support Registered Psychologists to formulate a plan to develop competence in one or more of these areas, which may include support to obtain coursework, continuing education, and clinical supervision.

Opportunities to do psychoeducational assessment with children and adolescents may be available through our school partnerships.

With practitioners seeking clinical supervision (400 hours) to qualify for licensure as a psychologist in another jurisdiction, we will develop a supervision contract that specifies: type of formal assessment; hours of practice and hours of supervision; and method of supervision. This documentation can be provided to the relevant regulatory body to document competence in formal assessment.

Contact me to discuss a plan for your particular situation.