Dr. Jeff Chang 

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Private Practice: High Conflict Divorce

I restrict my private practice to applications of psychology to family law, especially high conflict divorce. I've completed approximately 200 bilateral custody evaluations, over 300 parenting assessments, and over 80 expert witness appearances. I have been court-appointed or qualified as an expert witness in the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan, and the Superior Court of California. 

Providing litigation support and critique for lawyers in family law matters, my work can range from reviewing a psychologist's report, to performing a thorough examination of a psychologist's file, to developing questions for witnesses, to helping develop litigation strategies.

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Community Practice: Calgary Family Therapy Centre

I consult at Calgary Family Therapy Centre (CFTC), a teaching, practice, and research centre established in 1973 by Dr. Karl Tomm. I also teach in the CFTC Summer Externship Program.

Services to Independent and Charter Schools

Operating as The Family Psychology Centre, we provided school-based mental health consultation services available to all Calgary's private and charter schools from 2000 to 2020. As part of that legacy, I support private and charter schools to develop custom solutions to meet their mental health and psychological service needs.

Currently, I direct psychological services for Third Academy, a Designated Special Education Program in Calgary.